Opposite People (1977)

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  • Opposite People (1977)
  • Opposite People (1977)

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“Opposite People” is a rant expressing Fela’s aggravation with people who are contrary or go against the grain of the crowd. His annoyance extends to a person who ruins the fun of a group of people dancing, or someone who is trying to speak seriously when others are simply enjoying themselves. “Equalization of Trouser and Pant” explains that all people are equal both naturally and under the law; everyone has a role to claim in society. He uses the graphic example of underwear to explain his point – underwear may seem insignificant, but we all need our underwear at the end of the day, or we’ll be naked underneath our trousers. In other words, the small man in society is just as important as the big man.


01. Opposite People
02. Equalisation of Trouser and Pant

CD version includes "Sorrow Tears and Blood"

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