Alagbon Close Test Pressing

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  • Alagbon Close Test Pressing
  • Alagbon Close Test Pressing
  • Alagbon Close Test Pressing

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This is your chance to own a rare piece of Fela Kuti vinyl for your collection.  This is a test pressing from Knitting Factory Records for their new 2015 release of the title.  These unique pieces of vinyl, with just twelve of each title in existence, are the very first created in the factory and serve as literal test to check a record's final sound.  

Test pressings do not include artwork as they are housed in a plain white DJ sleeve.  Each copy varies slightly with handwritten details on one side.

Fela wrote Alagbon Close to lampoon the police after he was detained at the police station — which, not coincidentally, is located in a cul de sac of the same name. In this deeply anti-establishment song, Fela describes the harsh tactics that the police employ to control society, detailing their favoritism of the wealthy elite and their mistreatment of the poor. In Alagbon Close, Fela tells us, you can be detained indefinitely, you will be brutalized, you will be treated as an animal — the police have no respect for human beings. The song represents one of the first times anyone had directly taken on the Nigerian authorities in such a overt, brash manner. “I No Get Eye For Back”, a song emanating from a lyric in “Alagbon Close”, is a more melodic, instrumentally focused piece.


01. Alagbon Close
02. I No Get Eye for Back

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